A beautiful blue and pattern

An antique pattern with King George III lineage

Royal Lily is a pattern from Royal Worcester (Est in 1751)

When King George III visited the Worcester factory in the late 1700s, he ordered a breakfast service in what was then called the Blue Lily pattern. Afterward, it was renamed Royal Lily in honour of his Queen, Charlotte.

Royal Lily Pattern from Royal Worcester
Royal Worcester

This is not a teacup – it’s a demitasse, but I sometimes use it for green tea, and it’s about the same size as a Japanese teacup.

The cup and saucer are dated earlier than the creamer. The pattern was made for many years, with variations along the way.

Even so, the main pattern of the blue and white lily is the same – very stylized. It looks as if it could have been designed in the Art Deco era.

Royal Worcester, Royal Lily marks
Different marks for different years

I love using these and knowing that King George, Queen Charlotte and I enjoyed the same china pattern while breakfasting.

In 2004, Royal Worcester introduced a very minimalist, contemporary version of Royal Lily that consists primarily of just a decorated rim (not shown).

Recommended movie or book to sip to
The Madness of King George (film)
It’s been a while since I’ve seen this movie, but like almost all period films, the set design and costumes are exquisite. When King George became mentally unstable, all sorts of shenanigans and drama within the royal court ensued.

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